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Hey Buensoft, I have been using your software for over a year now and I wanted to tell you that this is the best Spanish Tutor Software I have ever used! I bought level 1 and learned atleast 3 new phrases every time I used it. I just started my second year of Spanish and fell behind, I used your softare and within a week my teacher told me that she wanted to know how I went from falling behind to becoming ahead in less then a week. I could only think of one word to describe it. Buensoft Thanks Guys, I'll suggest this software to anybody that is having a hard time learning a language. ---Shane--- "Keep Up The GREAT WORK!"


I wanted to write to say how excellent and fun this program is. I do not believe there is anything else in the market like this one. The only Spanish vocabulary resources I have ever been able to find are in book form with hundreds of pages of useful words, but a book is not a practical way to learn and retain Spanish vocabulary. This program is very useful. Thanks from a happy customer!

Roslynn Matthew


Hi Buensoft!!! I love your software. It has helped me alot. I am learning german at home and it helps me alot! My Favorite Game is Snake Em. One day i learned both the numbers and the general questions. I was so excited! When i am older i want to go to Germany! Keep up the good work! Thanks!


I have found your free downloads very useful. As a total beginner i found a lot of the other websites scary. The simple approach to learning spanish you offer using games etc is very easy and fun to use. Thanks



On 2002-12-05 at 11:28:23, Dear Buensoft: I downloaded your free learning tools for Spanish and have only positive to say!! I am helping many students learn Spanish for the first time, thus have searched (and searched and searched) for effective interactive, and yes, when possible, free, games and exercises. My objectives have been to use the computer to learn conversational Spanish (or French) reinforcing through a variety of tasks using audio and visual. Very few sites have been able to meet my expectations, but yours has helped greatly! ther's another that was similar in providing a download and offers audio too, but it's been so difficult for me to try to do all of the work myself in combining pieces from many places--which confuses and frustrates the students. Although I have yet to know of a student who's used Buensoft; I'm imagining that when they do, they'll learn easily and well...thanks so much.

Denise Caputo


On 2002-11-15 at 08:43:14
My children have enjoyed using the software and are learning the language with ease.

Anna Canales


On 2002-10-30 at 09:28:02,
The following information was submitted:

hello! I love Buensoft French and Spanish! they are very fun to learn! I want to go to Paris when I am older and french is a tuff language to learn! I am homeschooled and I pretty much like to teach myself, so Buensoft is helping me. I am in the sixth grade. See, i think children should learn french when their in the fifth grade, and spanish in third and fourth. As you get older, it gets a lot harder to store things into memory. And when I discovered that, I cried. And then I found this website. Thank you so much Buensoft!

Katie LeAn

On 2002-10-20 at 20:49:47,

I've been using computers now before windows existed, when all that was avaible to the public was dos. I have looked at all the language programs avaible on the market now for years and there's no doubt that All of Buensoft's Language tutorial programs are the most versatile, easy, and fun to use to learn other languages. Not only are the exercise games fun but most helpfull in actually not only learning to say, but to write the language one's trying to learn. You even get the pronunciation of the words with Buensoft's programs which is another fine feature. Keep up the good work. I think every school should have your programs avaible to their students. PS: Your newest version is a 100% perfect programming for now the subjects load very fast. I highly suggest that anyone wanting to learn a language that you have availble should try it. You'll see what I mean then, by how much fun and easy it is to learn a new language. Thank You Buensoft And Crew. Sincerely, Martin Miller



Dear Buensoft thanx so much i think that Buensoft is a great program to
learn spanish by. the reason i bought it was because it was my girlfriend is
mexican and she knows a lot about my culture(african American) but i didnt
know a lot a bout her background so i looked into spanish history and
customs and i figured i could learn the language, and the program was so
helpful and every thing plus my girl frined was so impressed she almost
started crying thanx you because now i am smarter and and know a lot more
about the mexican heritage than i ever would have


Albert Ealy



I just wanted to let you know I enjoy your program. I moved to Texas from Wisconsin last lear and I work for a company that is Spanish. I am the only white person there. I use your program to work on communication with the employees there. I have been recently promoted in my job, and these skills come in handy. I never thought I would ever need it. I am glad your program is available to the public.

Julie L.


Mr. Lizama,

I found your site a long time ago during a search for spanish programs. And I can't tell you how happy I am with your site. I am a substitute teacher and the area I live in is increasing in it's Hispanic population. So many of my friends are also of the heritage. And with your program and their help, I have increased my vocabulary to the point that I was able to sub for a spanish class in a middle school (grades 6-8) for approx. 2 weeks. I learned how to do math problems in spanish as well. I showed your site to the teacher when she returned and she had me download it for her and bookmark the teachers section of your program. She now uses it as a reward for her students to use and play on. Thank you again for such a wonderful site and please keep up the good work.


S. Field

Just want to let you know that I am having a good time with buensoft. Because of buensoft I'm on my way to learning to speak Spanish.
Looking forward to future subjects.


I also just want to say I really enjoy this program, It is helping me learn really well. I have been singing in Spanish for some time, My father was from Mexico but never got the chance to teach me entirely before he passed away, So it is really great to find something that works.

I have used several software programs for teaching spanish and this is the
first one my six year old daughter likes. It's easy to use and fun. Thanks a


Subject: thank you so much

"My daughter has a rare disorder called landau-kleffner syndrome, and this
program has really helped her. she has been integrated into the public school
system, and has to take spanish which of course i think is wonderful. but i
also had my doubts of how she would ever be able to accomplish the feat.
i found this program and i am just amazed. in just the first night, she has
made me promise to let her use it again tomorrow after school, and her
teacher is so excited about it. we told her at conferences today that we
were going to try it out. thank you so much for all your hard work. kari is
14 and in 8th grade but with a 4th grade reading level, and she is doing
VERY well! we love it!
I'v never been surprised by God's judgement,
but I'm still stunned by his grace..."


"I love the program and have been avidly devouring the subjects. I have
found the program to be extremely informative and user friendly."



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