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I just installed the new version on my pc and get a runtime error at the start of the application...why?
The most probable cause is that you do not have Microsoft Data Access Components 2.6 or the Jet Engine installed properly. You may download this component from Microsoft's website at:

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I get the following error: "Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed." or something similar and the program won't start.

This error message will appear when the Microsoft Jet Engine 4.0 Sp3 is not installed on your system. Buensoft Spanish uses this engine in order to access the data in each Spanish subject. Please download and install the Jet Engine from Microsoft's website at:

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I can't see the installed subjects why?

Spanish subject files must be installed (unzipped) to a folder named "SUBJECTS" located in the directory where Buensoft Spanish was installed. If you have installed (unzipped) the subjects in the SUBJECTS folder and you didn't get a corrupt subject message then you should be able to see them in the AVAILABLE SUBJECTS folder located in the Main Menu of the program (where you select what subject you want to study)

If you don't see them there, then you must have unzipped the files in the wrong place. If you accepted the default installation of Buensoft Spanish the SUBJECTS folder should be at:

"c:\Program Files\Buensoft Spanish\Subjects\"

Check the Buensoft Subject Folder location to make sure the files are installed there.

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Where do I enter the Activation Code?

The activation code should be typed inside the Buensoft Spanish program (not on this website) The red circle below shows where the activation button is located in the Main Menu of the program:

Fig 1.1 The circle shows where the activation button is located

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I run Windows 98 and I receive an "RPC Stub" Error in IE explorer after installing Buensoft why?

According to Microsoft Support, the cause of the error is the following:

"... a DLL that was installed on the system, such as Oleaut32.dll, Olepro32.dll, Asycfilt.dll, Stdole2.tlb, or others that are not compatible with that system. For example, version 3.50 of Oleaut32.dll is installed and used only by Windows XP and so causes this error if it is installed on a machine running any other operating system.

This appears to be a common problem on some sytems with Win98 caused by Microsoft releasing a new dll that is not compatible with newer dll's used by Buensoft and many other new programs. (It is NOT a Buensoft bug)

To solve this issue, you will need to download a patch from Microsoft located here:

Then run it, and when it prompts you to overwrite newer files, make sure you click YES for each file (not "No" or "No to all"). This will replace all of the 3.50 DLLs from XP with older versions compatible with Windows 98 (2.40.4515).

This patch works for Win98 users.

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What Level should I order?

If you are just starting to learn Spanish order level 1 but if you already know some basic words in Spanish we'll recommend to get level 2 or 3. We also recommend that you check our available subjects to see a list of the phrases you will learn with each level.

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What is the difference between each Level?

Level 3 allows you to add all phrases in level 1 an level 2 plus additional 1,000 advanced phrases making a total of 3,000 phrases. The additiontal phrases for this version are mostly advanced and grammar oriented, ideal if you are taking a two year Spanish class in High School or in College and want to practice grammar rules with complete sentences. *

Level 2 allows you to add all phrases in level 1 plus additional 1,000 more intermediate phrases making a total of 2,000 phrases. Most phrases for this version are basic to intermediate, ideal if you are taking a Spanish class for a full year, you work with or among a latin community or just want to have a more complete conversation with someone in Spanish. This level is ideal is you are planning to take a trip to a Spanish-speaking country too. *

Level 1 allows you to add up to 1,000 phrases to your current version of Buensoft Spanish. Most phrases for this version are very basic, ideal if you are just learning to speak Spanish at home or school.

Basic Level is free and you may download only one basic level per week (Up to 10 and the subject is usually selected from Level 1). You will receive an email each week with instructions on how to download the FREE subject of the week.

* Check our Subject download page to see the current list of available subjects for each level.

NOTE: You may also add custom Spanish subjects to the level 1, 2 and 3 versions of Buensoft with our Subject Editor.

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I ordered the program but I lost the connection before I was able to download the program, how can I re-start the download?

If you already have the basic level of the program you don't need to download the program again, you only need to use your activation code to update your program to the level you have purchased. If you don't have the program yet you may download the basic level of our program from here. After download just install the program and use the Activation Code (Unlock Code) you received with your order confirmation.

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I don't know where to enter the Activation Code

If you already have the Basic Level, then this link will show you where to enter the activation code. If you don't see the activation button as shown above then you need to download the latest version. You can upgrade here.

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I don't have or I don't want to use my Credit Card to order online

You can order either online, postal mail, phone, fax, or even with a purchase order. Just select the level of the product you want to order from our order page and click on the Order Now link. You will be presented with an order form and the available ordering options. You can also use the our regular mail order form.

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